Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca, Spanish for 'white beach', can be found in the most southern corner of Lanzarote. This modern resort boasts a luxurious and tranquil marina lined with yachts and coffee shops, and along its coast runs a delightful 7km promenade. Abundant with a fantastic selection of bars, restaurants, and shops to suit whatever takes your fancy, this charming resort is ideal for a relaxing and sophisticated stay here on the island.

True to its name, Playa Blanca is most renowned for its incredible beaches - the most famous of these being Papagayo. Hidden away in the furthest reaches of town, this collection of seven spectacular natural bays will certainly be a highlight during your stay. The water here is crystal clear and emerald green; each cove is protected from the wind by the impressive cliff edge coast-line that shelters it. Lanzarote's protected marine life means that Papagayo is perfect for snorkelling and swimming, and this stunning clear water stays still throughout the day.

Alternatively, there are three easily accessible beaches in the centre of Playa Blanca. Dorada beach is the most popular, with watersport activities available all day long, and a commercial centre abounding with a fantastic selection of cafes and bars directly behind for all of your drinks and snacks.

Playa Blanca town beach is the quietest of the three. This small yet charming beach is nestled on the seafront, just by the main high street. Here you can relax on the golden sands and enjoy the hustle and bustle of ferry boats coming in and out of the local harbour.

Further along the promenade, you will find Flamingo Beach. This family friendly bay is ideal for swimming, thanks to the wave blockers that have been built in to give the waters a lagoon-like temperament. Once more, you will find a variety of shops and cafes behind for all of your drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Playa Blanca's chic, stylish, and elegant Rubicon Marina is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon here in resort. You can enjoy the modern outdoor pool whilst sipping on a coffee or a homemade cocktail, before strolling the beautiful harbour to take a look at some of the magnificent yachts mored up along the dock.
On a Wednesday and Saturday morning, the Rubicon Marina really comes to life with Playa Blanca's local market. Typically Canarian goods and handmade crafts are available here, with street music and local foods to enjoy too.

The main promenade itself is lined with an array of bars and eateries of fantastic quality, so you will never run out of places to indulge whilst you are here. The Papagayo commercial centre is ideal for karaoke and dancing, and Marea bar, close to the lighthouse, is perfect for a refreshing cocktail in the sun.

With spectacular views over to Fuerteventura and Los Lobos, the seafront restaurants are not to be missed. Every member of the family is catered for, with an incredible variety of dishes, and each and every restaurant serves delicious good quality food.

You can shop until you drop along the promenade too. This seafront walkway is lined with duty free shops, high streets stores, and souvenir bazars so you can pick up some gifts during your stay here.

One of the greatest highlights of Playa Blanca is our local resident volcano, the Montana Roja. With unrivalled views, and easily accessible by foot or taxi, this stunning red mountain takes approximately forty minutes to walk to the top of. Once at its peak, you will be able to see El Golfo and the national park, Fuerteventura and Los Lobos, and Playa Blanca in all of its glory. If Montana Roja takes your fancy, be sure to take a bottle of water and your camera, for those all important holiday snaps.

This modern resort is ideal for solo travellers, couples, and families. From it's stunning scenery and classy marina, to its vibrant picturesque seafront, no matter what takes your fancy during your stay here in Lanzarote, Playa Blanca is sure to tick all of the right boxes for you.